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What an exciting time to be alive! You’re looking for a trustworthy partner that can translate your ideas into an app. A team to develop the idea you’ve been walking around with for months, maybe even years.

Yes, we all work LEAN, AGILE with those fancy Sprints. It’s hard to differentiate ourselves there. And maybe you’re not looking for that company that always asks you why five times. We just want to make sure your product is a success.

App Development is about so much more than creating an app. It’s about building a business. Who is your audience? How will they discover you and when they do, do they care? That’s what we help you with.

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App development for The Dutch Financial Times

There’s a lot of magic in the air at The Financieele Dagblad when it comes to apps. Thanks to our brand new Design System, they’re more concise than ever! One of the outcomes is a better time-on-page result. This all has to do with improved typography and readability.

There are multiple apps for both mobile and tablet. Because of the Design System, they all conform to the same design rules. Delivering a more consistent brand experience.

App Development FD
App Development SAAS

BuitenAardig ❤️ App Development

BuitenAardig helps organizations with solving their challenges. By analyzing problems, we make sure to align the user needs with business goals. After that, an app can be developed.

With the experience of our freelance work, we’ve been fortunate enough to develop apps for some amazing companies. Challenge our experience with our solution!

Challenge us with your App Development request

We’re working hard to create valuable, long-term relationships with our partners. Quality over quantity. That’s why we’re looking for organizations that we may assist with their App Development. Do you have a challenge for us and like to pick our brains? Feel free to contact us!

App Development as a solution to modern corporate challenges

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For over fifteen years BuitenAardig has been able to solve challenges from major brands. Among those were App Development challenges. Some of this knowledge we wrote down and are giving away for free in this Whitepaper. We’d love to share this with you!

In this Whitepaper, you’ll find a few tips related to App Development.

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User Centered Design

Based on User Research, we create innovative digital products that people love to use.

Aligned with your goals

By understanding your business and user needs, we can align these two and define what success means together.

Ready for the future

Our technical solutions are based on modern technology and are built for long term relationships.

We’re proud to have contributed to the success of the following companies:

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The Digital Agency that becomes your business partner

All these ideas. All these different projects. Where do you even begin? We can help you prioritize your ideas so together we can begin our first project in no-time. Any processes that take up a lot of time? A Digital Transformation might really help you out and free you up to take on new challenges.


As a Digital Agency, BuitenAardig helps you with User Research, Product Design, Design Sprints and much more. To develop digital products that are valuable, we need to understand the problems we’re solving. You only discover these problems by talking to your user which is part of our Design Research.

That’s all for now folks!

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