Fintech companies are succeeding where traditional financial services have failed

Within the next 3-5 years, cumulative investment in Financial Technology globally are estimated to well exceed $150bn.

The financial industry has been plagued with sluggish processes for years. Increasing overhead and leaving little- to no space for digital innovation. Only to leave room for non-traditional companies to leave their footprint in their industry. Fintech will change the world.

Facts & Figures



believe that part of their business is at risk of being lost to stand-alone FinTech companies

Source: PWC


73% Cost Reduction

Fintech is slashing costs and improves customer retention with 57%

Source: PWC


300% Growth since 2010

Fintech activity within capital markets infrastructure has grown by almost 300% since 2010

Source: McKinsey

Keep it simple and less is more

Avoid information overload. It is tempting as a Financial 
Services to present an overkill of information. Know thy users.
Understand what it is that they are trying to achieve and facilitate just that. Make sure to start with a blank slate. A Customer Value Proposition is a fantastic workshop that will help you to prioritize the most valuable features.

Our three core design beliefs

Everyone can create a wireframe. Some can even do it well. One of the things that make us unique is having a religious belief in our designs. It makes us not only stand out, but it makes us who we are.

1. You can't solve a problem that you don't understand

Research plays a significant role in strategy, concept, and design. For over 15 years, we have worked in multiple industries, and they all have their unique challenges. To be able to solve the challenges, we need to understand the problem. In no-time, we’re able to talk the same language as you and understand which solution works best.

2. Divergence and Convergence Cycles

Design Thinking has become a widely adopted concept in today’s businesses. We motivate people in our team to apply divergence and convergence cycles to their thinking. When we combine our team with your people, we are sure that we can cover all aspects of the challenge.

3. Trust, but verify

We don’t start building our concepts without testing them at least five times. No matter how amazing our client and we think the solution is, we always need to verify. By testing a solution five times, we learn what we need to without wasting time.

In May 2018 the Dutch Financial Newspaper “Het Financieele Dagblad” achieved an historic achievement when the membership passed 85.000 subscriptions. The previous years, the paper has been stable between 45.000-46.000 subscriptions. The Online Subscriptions of the grew with 41.000 readers. Check out the full project here.

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