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Crushing it for 25 Sprints with a team filled with passionate and skilled professionals

Dation offers a B2B SaaS solution that helps Driving Schools to provide more value and revenue for their customers. It’s a CRM & ERP system that can single-handedly help you run and manage your Driving School.

Philip worked at Dation as lead UX Design. Running Design Sprints and designed and implemented a Design System


To deliver more value and revenue to our customers

As a UX Designer, it’s essential for me to understand why we’re doing what we do. Helping a SaaS company to achieve their own goals and to help them prioritise work is not a simple job.

If you don’t know why the company does what it do, understand what’s important to every stakeholder and feel the pain of the users, how will you ever be able to make the right design choices?”

Philip Wallage

Who are our users?

The people who use the product

With the help of our support and customer succes managers, we were able to define the following type of users:





Who are our customers?

Defining the type of customers

With the help of our support and customer succes managers, we were able to create the following three types of companies:


In Holland you are allowed to start your own driving school as long as you get your WRM-Certificate. Through Europe, this is quite unique and because of this you’ll find a lot of one-person driving schools. The entire company exists of one person.


After a while, some Solos grow their business. It’s very likely that they at some point hire their first employee to help with the administrative side of business. This way the instructor can focus on the driving lessons and the students.


Starting with 25 employees, we start identifying the company as a corporation. There are people with more specific roles: Planner, Finance, Instructors and perhaps a more dedicated CEO.
 Some of Dation’s larger customers have over 500 employees.

Backlog Management

Taking on the difficult challenges

"There is something wrong with your culture if management is postponing opportunities that require effort and only chasing the low hanging fruit. Culture ripples from the top down."

Deliver our users an easier and more consistent experience

So that it becomes easier to onboard new users and lower churn.
We plan on achieving this by creating a Design System so we have a more consistent UI and redesigning our product and packages system.

Create a mobile solution for our Instructors

So they can easier accomplish their tasks while they’re on the road.
This became a React Native web application that launched and was received incredibly enthusiastic by our users.

Simplify productmanagement

So it becomes easier for users to manage their products and prices in the future.
This is the project known as “Pakketbeheer”. By simplifying our product structure, we were able to get rid of a lot of legacy code while in the meantime implement modern frameworks.

Speed up Development by implementing modern technologies

So we can keep creating value to our users. Implementing React, Upgrading Bootstrap and work on major refactoring behind the scenes. The product owner was incredibly talented in finding the right balance between features and improving our technology.

SAAS Design System

Creating a consistent and uniform experience.

By designing and implementing a brand new design system, we’re assuring our users a consistent experience and making it easier to onboard new customers and lower churn.

SAAS Design System Perspective

Easily Manage Products & Packages

Creating products and combining them into packages

Taking things on the road

Taking the show on the road with our app

Helping Instructors efficiently complete basic tasks on the road without distracting them from the student.

Redesign Student Page

Saving 20% time by finding important information faster

By interviewing our users and gathering job stories, we were able to prioritize needs. With this new information, we redesigned the page and saved our users 20% time on the tasks related to students!

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